Temujin treasures


The Temujin Treasures slots is based on the old Mongolian emperor, whose original name was Temujin. With this version of the slot machine the graphics are vivid, ornate and full of detail. There is also a very old, traditional score music playing in the background whilst you spin the reels. The theme comes from that era. With the recent success of the movie “Cars”, this is another way that Universal Studios promotes their movies.

The base of the slot machines is similar to that of the original version. On reels there is a large hole with four firecracker symbols which spin when you place your coins in the hole. When they stop spinning, this means you have drawn a face. The Temujin treasures wheel starts with one symbol and the firecracker symbols alternate between four and five on each reel. The firecracker symbols are different sizes so you know just which symbol has been used to refer to what.

Once you have drawn all of the symbols the time for reels starts and they will be spinning either clockwise or counterclockwise. If you are lucky you will end up with two free spins and this gives you three more chances to win rewards. One in each of the wild slots gives you a double return of two free spins and then four rewards. The last wild slot pays out twenty-five points and this gives you seventy-five points to play with. After all is said and done you will end up with a casino bonus of one thousand dollars and it is possible that you will also get a free trip to a local resort.